Parts List (incomplete)

Description Supplier Part Number Cost (USD)
Philips amplifier Pioneer-Standard TDA7052AN $1.00
Electrolytic capacitor, 1uF, 100V Digi-Key 4251PHCT-ND $0.83
surface-mount capacitor, AA5 (?) value, 1206 (A) package Yours Truly (me) "CS2" Ask me :)
surface-mount capacitor, 3.3uF, 16V, 1206 (A) package, non-polarised Digi-Key 311-1196-1-ND 10 for $1.75
surface-mount resistor, 5100 ohm, 1206 (A) package Digi-Key 311-5.10KFCT-ND 10 for $1.35
Speaker, 8- or 16-Ohm impedance, 1-Watt power handling See below n/a should be under $10 for a pair
Speaker connector (optional?) Scrap boards you're on your own here free if you can desolder them :)

Performing the Modification

  1. Using a low-wattage, grounded soldering iron (for details, look here), solder the amplifier to location IS1 on the analogue board. Make sure you align the chip as diagrammed on the board, with the indentation on the chip above the indentation on the outline. Also make sure that you don't short two adjoining pins with a clump of solder. See the tips below for more.
  2. Using the same soldering iron as in step 1, solder the electrolytic cap to location CS3, ensuring you have the correct polarity.
  3. Remove RS7 (back of a/b near main connector) and solder it on RS2 (also on back).
  4. Solder the capacitor identical to CS2 to the pads designated CS1 (back of a/b).
  5. Solder the 3.3 uF capacitor (identical to CS4) to the pads designated CS5 (back of a/b).
  6. Solder the 5100-Ohm resistor (identical to RS4) to the pads designated RS1 (back of a/b).
  7. If using a speaker connector from a CC, drill two holes in the a/b in a layout similar to that used for the existing connector. Solder the new connector in place, taking care to match polarity of the wires.
  8. If using other speakers, you're on your own for figuring it out from the directions here.
  9. Test the new speaker by booting up the CC with only the new speaker connected. If you don't hear any sound, check your connections and try again.


Last modified on 16 May 2002
by Chris Lawson
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